Weight Management Program

Whether you desire weight loss or weight gain, You can be successful.

I will teach you to manage your food and make lifestyle changes. All food is fair game, just how much and how often is the issue. The key to success is what you eat, what you drink, and exercise. There are no quick fixes.

My clients age range from pediatric (failure to thrive) to elderly, children, teens, pregnant women, moms and dads. Weight Loss Sessions are 1-1/2 hour for the initial consultation, 30-45 minutes for the follow-up, and then 15 minute consultations on a weekly basis. This ensures understanding of the program.

By supporting gradual changes over time, the priority is to instill a greater balance in clients thereby creating a more permanent transformation to achieve weight, medical and lifestyle goals.

No contract. You choose how many appointments you desire.

Call 214-497-7637 for your appointment and fee schedule.